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Carpet Pythons

Boa Constrictors


Albino T+ Ivory Sulcatas
and Leopcatas Tortoises

Hog Nose Snakes

We are working with a few different morphs of Hog Nose snakes, including the co-dominant Anaconda Morph.  Two Anaconda morph Hog Nose  snakes bred together produces the Superconda morph which is a very beautiful more reduced pattern to patternless hog nose snake! We also are working with the Pink Pastel hog nose and some Double Het (albino/anerythristic) Hog Nose snakes to produce Snow Hog Nose snakes….




We are working with two types of striped Gopher Snakes. One type is the gorgeous Albino Striped/Patternless Great Basin Gopher Snake and the other is the striped San Diego Gopher Snake.

In the San Diego Striped Gopher snake project, we are working them into our San Diego Snow Gopher snakes to produce some beautiful T+ and T- Striped San Diego Snow Gopher Snakes!



Scaleless Texas Rat Snakes

The scaleless Texas Rat Snake is a simple recessive gene which was proved out in 1990. The amount of scalelessness is variable within a clutch, some having more and some having less. They still have ventral scales but have a form of cleft down the center but they still provide protection.

I am working breeding these into a new wild strain of Leucistic Texas Rat Snake that was caught in Mineral Wells Texas in 2007. This being a new stronger unrelated to any of the weaker inbred Leucistic Texas rat snakes out there, I will be producing nice strong solid white scaleless Leucistic Texas Rat snakes.



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