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Boa Constrictors


Albino T+ Ivory Sulcatas
and Leopcatas Tortoises

We are currently working with a number of different morphs of Boa Constrictors which includes, Keywest Boas, Marron Boas, Azabache IMG Boas, Hypo Blood Boas, Pink Panther and Double DosePink Panther VPI T+ Albino Boas, Sterling Boas, Leopard Boas, Motley Boas, Red Group Boas,Aztecs Boas, Arabaque Boas, Anery Type 2 Boas, Ghost Boas, Kahl Sunglows Boas

With these Boas I will be producing some very gorgeous Boa morphs along with some interesting Boa morph combinations in the next few seasons!


This is a BRAND NEW FIRST EVER MORPH I call the Snow Blizzard Boa. It was produced by me in 2015 from my male triple Het anery 1 / RDR black eye anery 2 / kahl albino to my  female triple Het anery 1 / RDR black eye anery 2 / kahl albino.  In that clutch I got a Blizzard Boa, Snow Boas, Albino boas, Anery 1 boas, RDR black eye Anery 2 boas and normals along with this Snow Blizzard Boa.  Getting this Snow Blizzard Boa was of 1 in 64 babies odds.....Then in 2017 I hit the 1 in 64 again with a nice female Snow Blizzard Boa and then in 2018 I hit it again with another Snow Blizzard Boa female. I now have the only three and they are 1.2.....



2015 Snow Blizzard Boa male


Another picture of the 2015 Snow Blizzard Boa male


2017 Snow Blizzard Boa female


2018 Snow Blizzard Boa female

New 2014 Photos





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